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Our non-invasive facial and BODY AESTHETIC TREATMENTS are performed using state-of-the-art devices that are exclusive to the Sapphira brand, in combination with the most prestigious cosmetics brands from national and international laboratories.



Over 100 FACIAL and BODY treatments   that are effective and visible from the first session.





Our team of registered highly-qualified physicians specialize on the application of the most innovative techniques and products in aesthetic medicine.


We work with high-quality international products and renowned brands.









Dupplo LASER DIODE, the latest technology in permanent hair removal and photorejuvenation.





 At the SAPPHIRA centers, you can find the latest technology in hair removal, with our exclusive LASER DIODE with a state-of-the-art DUPPLO system to give better results in less sessions.



We are the only CENTERS NETWORK that uses its own brand of DEVICES. Our equipment can be found all around the world at the most prestigious AESTHETICS, BEAUTY, SPA and MEDICAL centers.



Guaranteed results with our exclusive high-end Sapphira Laser Diode.





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Q Switch  Nd-Yag laser



The new LASER ND YAQ PRO X Series SAPPHIRA is the fastest and most effective system to:






The Nd-Yag LASER is a safe, painless, simple and effective aesthetic procedure used to remove blemishes in the face or body.


It acts through a simple procedure in our body, which reabsorbs the pigment microparticles and then removes them through the lymphatic system, thus removing the blemish.


In most cases, the recommended treatment is comprised of few sessions, which depends on the type of blemish and its size. Usually, it takes between 1 and 4 sessions*.


Using the laser to remove skin blemishes offers the possibility of destroying excess in pigmentation without any type of scars. The blemishes gradually disappear, leaving the skin intact and with a uniform color. These blemishes won't appear again after being treated, but if you're not careful and protect yourself against solar radiation (UVA rays), you can develop new blemishes.



Usually, two to three sessions are required to remove a blemish in the skin. There must be a minimum of five weeks between treatment sessions*.




How many sessions with the Neodymium-Yag laser do I need to remove a tattoo?



The number of sessions required to remove tattoos   depends on many things such as the color, area, how old it is and how deep it is. The average number of sessions for a full treatment is 8 to 15.

2.   Tattoo pigmentation:

Black and dark blue pigments: These are the colors that respond better to the laser, and that's why they require less sessions to be removed. However, these colors may be difficult to treat because of their high density in some tattoos, such as tribal ones.

Light blue, green, yellow and mixed-color pigments: The absorption peak and the composition of these pigments may vary and are basically conditioned by the amount of titanium oxide or zinc oxide, which are the most difficult to remove.

Red pigment: It responds well to the laser but requires a few more sessions than black pigment.

3.   Type of tattoo:

Professional tattoo: It requires a larger number of sessions, from 8 to 15, due to the fact that the pigments used stay in the skin for a longer time and they're usually denser and are found deeper in the skin.

Amateur tattoo: This type of tattoo uses more unstable ink and, therefore, there is less pigment and it's usually more superficial. It requires an average of 8 sessions to remove it but sometimes they are deeper and could need the same number of sessions as a professional tattoo.

4.   Body location: 
The areas where the skin is thinner require a lower number of sessions (head, neck, female cleavage, wrist).

In areas like the legs, arms and back, the tattoo's ink penetrates deeper and the skin is thicker, so they require more sessions.


5.   Skin color:

Light-colored skins will respond to the laser better and they will require less sessions to see results. Darker skins will require more sessions to remove tattoos.





This is a new low-potency laser diode technology that stimulates the mitochondria in the adipose cells and the alpha and beta receptors in adipose tissue, which favor the production of lipase. This is known as LIPOLYSIS.

Triglycerides are fragmented and transformed into glycerol, fatty acids and water, which makes them capable of moving through the cell wall to be expelled by the body.

What does laser lipolysis do?

This innovative treatment is known as non-surgery liposuction because it reduces measures in the targeted area, providing remarkable results. It reduces up to 3cm per session.


It helps with lymphatic drainage, decreasing toxins and liquids, and increasing circulation while accelerating the metabolism and improving the aspect of the skin. This is a non-invasive 100% PAINLESS treatment.



This is based on the application of an ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE that warms the adipose tissue and the dermis. This warmth facilitates the elimination of liquids, toxins and improves the metabolism because it stimulates circulation in the targeted area, reduces volume and significantly improves the skin in terms of flexibility and firmness. It is mainly recommended for the treatment of cellulite and flaccidity (both in the face and body). About 4 to 6 sessions per area are required to provide optimal results that are obvious from the first session.

The revolutionary targeted radiofrequency system is exclusive to Sapphira and produces optimal results in facial and body treatments.



The virtual mesotherapy or dermoporation is an option that requires to needles or injections, unlike traditional mesotherapy. This is a new use of technology to improve the condition and appearance of our body.

It uses electromagnetic waves through the most superficial layers in the previously-massaged skin using a conductive gel. This technique facilitates the transdermal introduction of active ingredients in the gel and stimulates the myofibrils in the skin, activating the production of collagen.

It is painless, relaxing and, most importantly, it is very effective. This technique can be used in different parts of the body. It has a firming and tensor effect, and it feeds cell regeneration. It is applied to the face, neck and cleavage to improve the looks of wrinkles, getting rid of expression lines and flaccidity.

It also stimulates metabolism by helping dissolve fat and improving vascularization in the skin, reducing fibrosis in cellulite and smoothing the look in the skin.



This system is completely new and it's based in the magnetic therapy technique, which is a safe method that consists of the stimulation of acupuncture points using magnetic waves and releasing endorphins, which are substances involved in relaxation and analgesia.

It's ideal for lymphatic drainage because it helps get rid of fat that has previously become liquid through a treatment called CAVITATION.

If we add reflexology, which is a discipline based on the existence of areas in the feet and hands that correspond to each of the glands, organs and body parts, there are a lot of possibilities: from stress relief to the improvement of blood flow. And this is all done easily, which means it can be performed at any time or place.

The north pole in the magnet provides negative magnetic energy, which is used more frequently than the south/positive side in alternative health care to alleviate and treat pain.




It is a good alternative to make the face brighter. It consists of the controlled application of a flow of microcrystals that produce an exfoliating effect by regularizing the imperfections in the skin microrelief, leaving the skin in optimal conditions.

It's ideal for the treatment of acne scars, expression lines, stretch marks, hyperchromic lesions, reduction of open pores, photoaging, etc. It also stimulates the production of collagen.


Microdermabrasion with diamond tips is a controlled, precise and progressive exfoliation therapy applied to the outermost layer of the skin, promoting its recovery and a healthier younger-looking skin.

It uses stainless steel tips with a diamond coat with 75, 100, 125 and 175 micrometers textures. It doesn't use any crystals and, therefore, no residues may cause any irritation on the skin.


There is no risk of corneal damage, irritation or allergic reactions due to the crystals and it's safe around the eyes, nose and mouth.

The application is uniform without any risk of serious damage.







Sapphira combines its equipment with ACTIVE INGREDIENTS and ORGANIC COSMETICS to offer you over 100 facial treatments, among which are:




Cleaning and exfoliation

Hydration and brightness





Irritation and sensitive skin

Pores and scars



Ask for an APPOINTMENT at the closest center and see the list of PERSONALIZED TREATMENTS.





MAIN Aesthetic Medicine Treatments for Face and Body





The blanching technique (whose name comes from the French “blanc” and translates to “white” because it produces temporary whitening of the injection zone), consists of superficial infiltration (between 10 and 12 degrees of inclination in the skin) with the latest generation of hyaluronic acid with dynamic reticulation (more cohesive and elastic), leaving microdeposits of hyaluronic acid right in the fissure of the wrinkle , without causing any bumps or excess product.





The Botox treatment is used to rejuvenate the face and consists of infiltrating into the skin a few drops of a liquid that contains purified natural proteins to eliminate expression lines. Since it's not a filler, it doesn't get rid of wrinkles by giving volume, but rather acts on the muscles by relaxing them, which allows you to keep a natural expression.


Thread Lift


Say goodbye to wrinkles and flaccidity in only 30 minutes!


The thread lift is an innovative technique that returns firmness to the oval facial shape and tenses the skin in the face and neck through a simple and safe procedure. In it, some sort of mesh, a lattice of threads, is threaded to hold facial tissue. The thread is made of a resorbable and biocompatible material, polydioxanone, which has been used for years in cardiac surgery. This is applied using a very thin cannula needle



Mesotherapy with vitamins

Face and body


Medical procedure that consists of injecting into the skin a full multivitamin complex that includes ascorbic acid, biotin, nicotinamide and B12 vitamins, among others, in addition to minerals, nucleic acids, amino acids and coenzymes. We always use commercial brands that have been authorized by the Health Department, such as Revitacare and NCTF.

Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid


Medical procedure that consists of injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin in order to provide firmness and hydration to the skin.



When applied as vectors, there is an obvious lifting effect in the younger faces.



Dehydrated skin and loss of firmness


Fillers in lips and cheekbones 


Through the years, the face loses volume. This is especially obvious in areas such as the cheekbones or the lips. There is resorbable and biocompatible filler material such as hyaluronic acid, which allows to return volume on those areas with natural results. 



Thin lips, cheekbones without any volume






Skinboosters   is a   revitalizing treatment of hydrating soft hyaluronic acid gel microinjections . Hyaluronic acid is an element that is found naturally in the body and keeps skin hydrated.


It acts on two levels: providing long-term hydration for the skin and producing type I collagen.




Chemical peels


A   peel  helps you accelerate natural exfoliation of the skin because  it facilitates the elimination of dead cells and promotes cell regeneration , increasing the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential components to keep the skin soft and firm. 
Peels help us get a soft and smooth skin, free of any impurities. They can be  chemical or mechanical, and can be superficial or deep if we also want to alleviate wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.                                                                            



Facial fillers with hyaluronic acid


Facial fillers allow to remove wrinkles, produce or recover volume and revitalize the face by injecting resorbable natural products  into the face in a  simple and safe manner .





Radiesse infiltration


Infiltration of a resorbable filler substance that is capable of regenerating the skin, making it firm and even providing volume in the areas that need it the most. Infiltrations are performed using very thin cannulas that are introduced into specific parts of the face. The effect is immediate and it's not necessary to take a break from work. It's a long-lasting filler but it's not permanent. These infiltrations usually last a year, after which the substance is resorbed and a new session is required to maintain the effects.



Loss of volume and firmness in the face and hands.

Infiltration of organic silicon


Organic silicon  is one of the most important active ingredients in firming creams that can be found in the market nowadays. After being used in Europe for many years, the Spanish Medication Agency has approved organic silicon injections for aesthetic-medicine use.


Directions: Flaccidity 





Restylane Lip Refresh 



This is a treatment with hyaluronic acid that rejuvenates lips, hydrating them from the inside without the risk of increasing their volume. It's perfect for people who want to rejuvenate their lips but who don't want artificial results or who don't need to modify the original shape of their lips. This material is introduced using a microcannula and it makes lips young and shiny with completely natural results.



Dehydrated lips


     Nevus, blemishes and moles      

Dermatological consultation  

Depigmenting treatments  


Microfoam sclerotherapy 


Stretch mark treatments


 Nutritional consultation 


Treatment of bags under the eyes and dark circles




The availability of our aesthetic medicine treatments may vary according to the center. Check their availability.






















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